November 7, 2017 (All day) to November 17, 2017 (All day)

The 23rd Conference of the Parties (COP23) under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), presided by the Government of Fiji, takes place in Bonn, Germany from November 6–17, 2017. COP23 will be essential for both negotiations and a pathway forward on how to implement the Paris Agreement. As expected, work related to the transportation sector is critical to achieving the GHG mitigation goals. The Global Green Freight Action Plan (GGF) will be represented at COP23 by some members who will spread the word on the goals, activities, and lessons learned from the initiative. A selection of the freight-related events relevant to GGF are presented at the end.

Within the activities and documents developed around COP23, the GGF has been recently listed in "The Second Progress Report (2017) on the MPGCA Transport Initiatives: Stock-take on action toward implementation of the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development." The report was released under the Paris Process on Mobility Climate (PPMC) and gives an overview of several multi-stakeholder initiatives on sustainable, low carbon transport, and the ways in which they align with both the Paris Agreement and the 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development. This is an indication of the increasing awareness and relevance of the GGF work not only in the freight sector, but also as an important component in overall climate change reduction efforts.

Friday, 10 November
09:00 – 15:45:  GIZ Bonn, Friedrich-Ebert-Allee 36, 53113 Bonn
From Ambition to Action: Decarbonising Transport in Germany and Abroad
Sophie Punte will be representing Global Green Freight at the lunch session. 

15:30 -  16:30: Cities & Regions Pavilion 2017, Bonn Zone, COP23, Bonn
Mitigating Transport Emissions Through Ecomobility and Ecologistics
Sophie Punte will be giving a presentation about “Low carbon urban freight.” 

19:00 – 22:00: DHL Post Tower, Charles-de-Gaulle-Straße 20, 53113 Bonn
Clean Mobility Reception 
Paris Process on Mobility and Climate (PPMC)

Saturday, 11 November
11:30- 12:45: Room 6, Bonn Zone, UNFCCC
Sustainable Freight for a Low Carbon System
The event will cover road and rail freight while addressing the topics of modal shift and the importance of intermodality. Sophie Punte will be part of a panel discussion and presenting on the Global Green Freight Action Plan.

12:00-13:30: Brussels Room, EU Pavilion, Area A1 of the Bonn zone, Bonn
Road to Zero – Transition to Clean and Electric Transportation
Eszter Toth-Weedon will be moderating the freight panel discussion and Suzanne Greene (SFC and MIT) will be a panelist. The session will explore how the EU and national governments can support business to make their logistics supply chains more efficient and environmentally sustainable. 

Sunday, 12 November
13:45 – 14:45: Room 12, Bonn zone, Rheinauen Park, Bonn
More Freight But Lower Emissions: Too Good to Be True?
This session will explore disruptive technologies being used by companies to reduce GHG emissions from their logistics operations. Eszter Toth-Weedon will speak on emissions measurement using the GLEC Framework, which was developed under the GGF. 

Monday, 13 November
10:00 – 18:00: On the board of MS RheinFantasie, moored close to the main conference centre for UNFCCC
Ambition 1.5C: Global Shipping’s Action Plan
Suzanne Greene will be joining the “Enablers” panel. The discussion will focus on what the enablers are and could be for the shipping sector, what the shipping sector can learn from successes in other sectors, and how we can demonstrate a leadership position.

12:30-18:30: DHL Post Tower, Charles-de-Gaulle-Straße 20, 53113 Bonn
Implementing the Paris Agreement - What business can do to meet the below 2°C target
This event will address the role of innovation in combatting climate change, challenges associated with fostering climate-friendly investments and the implementation of carbon neutrality from a business perspective.